Division 3 Structures is experienced in the many facets of Design/Build and Construction Management at-Risk projects. No matter what your project delivery method is, we will work with you as a “team player” to ensure collaboration with the project environment.

By performing and coordinating all portions of the concrete package Division 3 provides our clients a complete project solution.

Division 3 Structures has the ability to mobilize quickly and control the schedule of projects. We have a substantial work force, and a large fleet of commercial concrete construction equipment. These are two key components that enable us to meet the project schedules on time and within budget.



Structural Frame Concrete
Walls and Columns
Cast-in-place Beams/Decks
Post-tension Decks


Compact Slabs on Grade
Grade Base Materials
Topping Slabs
Stem Walls and Stairs
Placing of Reinforced Slabs


Continuous Footings
Spread Footings
Mat Foundations
Grade Beams


Pouring all slabs
Structural or Metal Decking
Stairs and Paving
Architectural Concrete